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STICK WITH IT: Affirming Your Life
One Note at a Time
This talk is perfect for anyone interested in themselves and their lives (which is all of us!), and will be catered to its audience.


Of all the relationships we have throughout our lives, the most important one is the relationship we have with ourselves. In this talk, we’ll peel back the layers to find comfort and power in vulnerability, and learn how to embrace life’s “gray areas” and the uncertainty of a life unscripted.

Though “self-love” and “self-care” have become the catch phrases du jour in lifestyle magazines and blogs, they are so much more than a cliché. Self-love is truly our life’s work, and our ability to have an honest dialog with ourselves is key to designing the life we were meant for.

Today, we traverse a world of social media, comparison, judgment, expectation, opinion, and that darn ego. I’d like us to be well armed with self-compassion as we navigate these passageways.

In this discussion, we break down these life lessons and get at the root of an unencumbered life of authenticity and love. I share resources that have helped me along the way—from the likes of Louise Hay, Brene Brown, Gabrielle Bernstein, Tara Brach, and Melody Beattie, among others. Together, we apply these teachings to our real, everyday lives.

It’s time to do the hard work on ourselves, to take control of our lives from the inside out, and STICK WITH IT.


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we can have with ourselves. 
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I am capable
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"Jill is a dynamic, engaging speaker, and we felt lucky to have her as a featured speaker for our recent business event.  Our audience loved her presentation, and we strongly connected with her message.  Jill provided loads of value for our group, and will definitely be invited back to speak again.  I'm so grateful we were able to feature her."  -Chris McNeill, South Austin Business Association

"I hired Jill to come speak at our first ever "Refresh Day" in the office. Jill was so intent on finding out what my motivation was on hosting the session and understanding our demographic in our office prior to speaking that we met and had an hour long brainstorming session. During this time, she asked some really important questions that made my team think a lot about what we could be doing to encourage our staff at all levels in the organization. When Jill came on site for our event, she spoke with great confidence about her experience, gave inspirational advice and left every person who attended with a thought about how they could grow individually by learning to accept themselves and others. Whether you are trying to inspire, coach on the topic of empathy or better understand your team's individual motivations, I highly recommend Jill to come speak at your next corporate event." - LH

"...I just wanted to let you know that, because of you, my roommate and I do positive affirmations almost on a daily basis, and it makes a huge difference!" - Celeste B.

"I was so inspired by your talk this morning! It was unreal to see your courage in your intuitive endeavors. I hope to follow in your path and chase my dreams just as relentlessly as you did." - C.M.

"My students LOVED impactful" - Professor DKR


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