I welcome...

Let's check in. Are we feeling open and fluid, or stuck, like there are blocks?  If we've been feeling this stuck-ness for some time (as I have), this week let's loosen our grip so that we can welcome in whatever we need to get unstuck. Let's welcome whatever we need to break the blocks, even if that simply looks like keeping an open/inquiring mind.

Even if you haven't felt stuck - is there something that you can loosen your grip on so that you can welcome in exactly what you need? I imagine we are all trying to control something in some way/shape/form that we can let go of. Something that might not even really be ours to control or worry about. Check in - what are you taking on that's not really yours?

If we can loosen our grip and work to remove the things (the blocks) that aren't really serving us, we get to create space for the things we really need. We can create a space for welcoming what we desire.

Now, I don't know what my blocks are, I just know that they are there. So I'm welcoming in an openness to let those blocks come to the surface and get released. I'm going to welcome that through meditation, journaling, and keeping a welcoming mindset as I carry myself through each day.

What do you need to welcome in this week?

I welcome confidence
I welcome laughter
I welcome letting go
I welcome loosening my grip
I welcome openness
I welcome challenges and growth
I welcome the people I need
 I welcome whatever it is I need to learn
I welcome answers to relieve me of feeling stuck (even if they're going to be hard to face)
I welcome my potential
I welcome my highest good

Let's hold up a big neon welcome sign this week and remember if nothing else - welcome love, let it in, and put that back in the world.

We can always use more love.