Self-Care is NOT self-ish

What have I done for me lately? Ooh ooh ooh yeah…
(I really hope you sang that to the tune of a one Ms. Janet Jackson circa 1986. If not, please go back and read/sing it again, and then smile).

Anywhoo - here we are. And, hopefully taking care of ourselves. The concept of self-care can feel selfish, but I am reminded of the old adage that if you don’t take care of yourself, you’re a useless piece of shit to others. Kidding. Sort of. That’s not really how the saying goes, but, if you don’t give yourself the love and care you need (and deserve) you will not be able to serve others in the way that you want to. We have to take care of ourselves in order to be able to take care of others.

Self-care can take on various forms. Loving on yourself can be as simple as reading one chapter of a book, lingering in bed in the morning, or giving your body a nice stretch. It does not have to be a day at the spa, or any expensive venture, or retreat in Bali, though it could be. Also, take me with you. Maybe you draw yourself a bath, light some candles, have some tea, or a glass of wine.  Or draw a picture of yourself in a bath, or paint, or go peruse a book store or your local library, go listen to some tunes, or turn that stereo up and have yourself a dance party! My self-care looks like a solo picnic in the park (don't forget sunscreen next time, Jill!), walking around the lake, checking in with friends, sitting and breathing (aka meditating) for 5 minutes. I follow my feels.

Listen to what you need - what your mind needs, what your body needs, what your soul needs.
Tune in and tune up. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. YOU DESERVE IT.