I trust the process

We are taking action and showing up - now what?


It's been a bit over a year since we last focused on this - and I think it might have been the last time I utilized this affirmation in my life. It's come up again for me. Hello!! That's why these are so important to remind ourselves and stick with - we'll forget to love ourselves, remember our worthiness, show up, or trust the process if we don't!

We may not always realize there is a process for everything, especially the things that are habit, like, sleeping, having a glass of water, walking, driving, eating. We've developed a trust in those processes to get to their particular end, yes?

When we trust the process we can loosen our grip on controlling the outcome. We can allow and trust the process to take the time it needs, the actions it needs, and we can even let in all the fun it can bring!

The process of self-love
The process of romantic love
The process of our work
The process of job-hunting
The process of life
The process of forgiveness
The process of parenting

The process of patience

I trust the process