I trust my instinct

Any second-guessers here?
Jill scans the room as she slowly raises her hand. Phew - she's not alone!

We tend to rely on reasoning, excuses, justifications, rationalizations, all the ...tions to make a choice, decision, get an answer, or event communicate. We "should" and "shouldn't" our way through thoughts and actions, sometimes using circumstances as a crutch. 

What if WE ALREADY KNOW, and can trust that our instinct knows what's best for us, and don't need to go through the rigamarole of making it messier or more confusing?

Whether or not that comes to clothing, food, jobs, relationships, exercising, what music to listen to that day, or helping someone in need. We just need to listen, pay attention, and trust. Our instinct knows what need most. The more we trust our instinct, the more it trusts us.

The deeper our relationship is with ourselves, and the more we get to know and trust ourselves, the easier it is to trust our instinct and not waver.

I trust my instinct (and stick with it).