I thrive in a healthy environment

Have you seen this story of one plant listening to positive statements and the other listening to negative statements? Spoiler alert: the plant listening to negative statements (i.e. "you look rotten," "are you even alive?") withered, while the plant hearing positive statements remained healthy. Talk about thriving in a healthy environment!

A healthy environment is not only about how much sunlight we get, our water intake, and speaking positively to ourselves. It could include how we speak about others, about ourselves to others, and about others to others - really the whole gamut of communication around relationships and people. Maybe our healthy environment looks like minding our business, and letting others lives their lives.

A healthy environment could include (definitely for me) less screen time, more reading time, more outside time, more friend time, or more 'me' time, and always more time laughing. I just know how great I feel when there are more of those things making up my environment rather than things that drain me, make me feel icky, or prompt me to compare my life to others.

Our healthy environments could include moving our bodies every day in whatever way we like and enjoy, how we speak to our bodies, and what we're putting in our bodies.

The environment of people we surround ourselves with, and our physical environment. When I clean my house, which includes removing items I no longer need, I really see it translate to my mental and physiological well being. My home environment feels healthier, for me, when it's organized, and I can see the counter top.

Let's look at all our environments this week - work, home, social, self (and whatever one I am missing!). Are we setting ourselves up to thrive? Are there any changes we want to make? What will help us stave off dis-ease? Determine what is healthy for YOU!

I thrive in a healthy environment.