I take responsibility

Only I can do the things I need to do for me and my life (sure, some of us have assistants, some of us used to be one (it's me - I'm talking about me, I used to be an assistant), but for the work that REALLY needs to be done by our person - that's what I'm getting at. The work only WE can do for our life.

The work of being human.

We must take responsibility for that. How else can we grow? How else are we going to equip ourselves to pilot our lives? Have you ever been in a cockpit? I haven't, but I've peeked in, plus I've seen movies that I assume are showing me a fairly accurate depiction, but I digress. My point is - WHOA - lots of buttons. I'm just going off the cuff here, but it feels like it could work, so fly the friendly skies with me. We are piloting our life. There are controls, buttons, communication tools, navigation choices, options, decisions to be made, lots of stuff. Such is our life, and no one can fly our plane for us.

I know it can feel quite a burden to bear, especially if those around us are perceived as not being responsible. I understand there is nuance in certain scenarios around responsibility, so maybe this email just helps get a needed conversation started. Generally, let's stay in our lanes cockpits! Plus, we can't fly our own plane AND someone else's at the same time.

Release the fear - we can do this.

I take responsibility.

I take responsibility for MY 

I am in charge of my life. I am flying this plane. I take responsibility.