I take action

The new year can feel overwhelming when it comes to taking action. We are in forced conversations around resolutions, and thinking we need to change the way we've been living (and thinking that'll happen over night. Just me?). With resolutions I think we're making ourselves wrong. Wrong for biting our nails, wrong for not working out 6 days a week - whatever it is. I don't like that. However, I am a proponent of doing what feels right for you. So, if it's resolutions - you go! And if it's a word for the year - you go! My word for 2019 is love. More on that below.

This affirmation, I take action, has come to the forefront for me because I wasn't taking action - I was just waiting. Waiting for the guy to arrive at my door, waiting for orders to start rolling in, waiting for my shoulder to feel better without giving it attention. I wasn't setting myself up to be supported. I wasn't showing the Universe I was serious about the things I wanted in my life.

I can't really tell you whether my inaction was out of fear, not feeling ready, or the old "I don't know what I'm doing," but with the help of this affirmation, I'm taking actions - whether big or small. Sending emails, joining Bumble, going to yoga, icing my shoulder.

Taking action is going to look and feel different for every person, and every situation, as we have diverse desires for our lives. As we continue to deepen our relationship with ourself, we'll know without a doubt what action will be right for us. Maybe that's where we start the inquiry - what's the desired outcome?

What are we waiting for?