I show up

Though the Google search results were not as conclusive as I had hoped, I feel pretty confident in relaying the idea that showing up is ~80-90% of life.

Just the other day I was pretty neutral on attending this event, and was talking to my sister who encouraged me to go, and so, I showed up. AND, I was so glad I did! Such great takeaways from the event speaker.

 I bet you can count at least a handful of times when you showed up and something good happened, or you had an awesome experience, or learned something new about yourself. Maybe you had a great conversation with someone that opened your eyes to a new perspective. Maybe you showed up to a networking event and got a job lead. 

I know there are times when we don't want to show up. We don't want to leave our couch, or interact with people. We have our reasons. I can be the queen of reasons! BUT, what I've noticed, is that I have never regretted showing up. 

This week - show up.

I show up to my life
I show up to the gym
I show up to family events
I show up to my blind date
I show up to work
I show up to the party
I show up to the audition
I show up to the dodgeball league...to the meeting, to the volunteer event, to the rodeo. (maybe that's only applicable to my TX readers, but you get my point) :)


Wherever it is we're showing up - I'll see you there!