I prepare to receive

We have desires for our life. We set goals and take action. Yet, are we still wanting our past without knowing it? Are we still somehow blocking ourselves from receiving? We have to clear out mentally, emotionally, and physically, so that we are prepared to receive what we truly want! I prepare to receive.

Do you have cards or gifts from an old love tucked away in a box, or desk drawer? Whether you're single, in a relationship, or married - these items are taking up space. We don't have room for new love notes.

What takes up our physical space also takes up our emotional and mental space. So, these items are taking away from your capacity to receive the love you desire from someone new, or from your current partner. 

Staying connected (even on social media) with people you no longer feel aligned with is taking up space for new people to come in who are more aligned with your present moment life.

Whether it's stuff, or people, thoughts, or feelings, we've got to slough off all that no longer serves us so we can prepare ourselves to receive our truest desires. So that we can receive our gifts, and fully give our gifts back to the world.

How can we make space for new work opportunities if we are gripping onto past employment experiences? How can we move toward our greatest potential if we still believe we're not worthy?

How can we prepare to receive?
Maybe it's "I am worthy" affirmations put up all over, or chucking old papers or emails from a company we don't work for anymore. Finally getting rid of those love notes. I practice (a la Marie Kondo) thanking the items before I throw them away. So, we can say "thank you love notes from _____. You taught me so much about love, and I am grateful for that." Then, in the bin they go! 

Whether we are preparing our physical or internal space to receive, we have to start somewhere, and then, stick with it.

I prepare to receive!