I pay attention

Okay - here we are - taking action, showing up, and trusting the process.

Are we paying attention? Are we more aware of our actions, and how we're showing up? Are we paying attention to patience as we trust the process?

This week - let's focus on "I pay attention." Maybe, to everything. Like the birds chirping, the words coming out of our mouth, our actions. Pay attention to whether your actions are aligned with your desired outcome.

Pay attention to your physical feelings. How's your body moving, how's it feeling? What is it trying to tell you? 

Pay attention to your emotional feelings - they are DEFINITELY trying to tell you something. Listen in.

Pay attention to your choices. Do I really need this third cup of coffee? For me, lately, the answer has been "no" as my anxiety does not appreciate the caffeine. Should I be leaning on my left arm hunched over my computer/desk - uhhh, not if I want my shoulder to get better!

Pay attention to your physical space. Do you feel clear in your work space (full disclosure  - people think I'm super organized, but my work space is currently a wee bit messy, and I notice it really affecting my mental state). Is there relaxation in your living space? Does your bedroom align with a good night's rest? Pay attention to your surroundings.

Pay attention to love because I believe that Hugh Grant's character was right - if you look for it, love actually is all around.

Take notice.

I pay attention