I love people where they're at

As we love ourselves where we're at, we must love others where they're at. 

Wherever that might be. If we love them, we have to love them wholly, not conditionally. Not loving them in the hope or expectation they'll change, and not waiting to love them until they do. Maybe you're not feeling it, or maybe loving them where they're at is exactly what each of you needs.

Everyone is on their own path. Sometimes our paths sync up, and other times we're in different places. We have to honor those different places, and stop using language like "they should," or "if they just...." In some ways, we have to get where we're going on our own. We cannot carry people on our backs, or expect them to come along if they're not ready.

This affirmation is for any relationship - friendship, romantic, familial, working, strangers. You may not like where they're at (and they may not like where your'e at!), but we can love each other where we're at.

This week loving others where they're at might look like more listening than talking, more understanding than judgment, and more smiles than snarls. 

Maybe this week the person you need to love where they're at, is you.