I intentionally move my body every day

Our bodies take us everywhere we go! They often move without thought or intention  - they just KNOW what to do. Let's give our bodies gratitude and acknowledge how amazing that is! This week - let's be intentional about moving our bodies.

I believe in a holistic approach - taking care of ourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically. Just as we sit to meditate, go to therapy, read, or do crossword puzzles, we must take care of our bodies. 

Intentional with the nourishment we give it, and intentional about moving it.

Intentionally moving our bodies could mean exploring Qigong, hitting a crossfit gym, boxing, yoga, and SO many other options- we just have to find what works for us, and makes us feel good! Maybe it's 60 seconds, or 60 minutes. Whatever we're doing is enough.

Here are some easy ways to get intentional with moving our bodies:

- walking 
- stretching slowly and mindfully
- kayaking/rowing
- dancing
- sports
- gardening
- a few squats or marching in place  during commercials or while the next episode queues up
- lunges walking from the couch to the bathroom
- park farther away
- take the stairs
- bicep curls with grocery bags
- at work: standing desk, stability ball, walking meetings, set an alarm to get up from sitting once an hour and take a lap around the office

And through all of this movement - remember to breathe!

I intentionally move my body.

See you on the track!