I have all that I need

For some of you, this email may be too late, as I, too, have already trekked through the Amazon looking for a 'Cyber Monday' deal, which is what prompted this week's affirmation.

I didn't NEED the things I was looking at!!!

I have all that I need. Sure, an air-fryer would be cool, but also, I already have an oven that works, it just takes a little more time. Especially right now where my budget needs me to love it where it's at.

I'm not saying we don't need an air-fryer, or that we shouldn't get the things we want, I just wanted to get us thinking about what we already have. If you did not acquire one more thing for the rest of the year (aside from food, toilet paper and those kinds of goods), could you make it through?

This is not where I challenge you to do so, but next time you're shopping for clothes - think about what's in your closet. Next time you're shopping for books - check your local library.

I have to be honest I do feel like a hypocrite right now because just the other day I got some festive holiday bed sheets, and a new duvet cover (not the Nate Berkus for Target one, but the Target for Target one - hello budget!). Did I NEED them? No. Do they make me feel better about my home and have they shifted something internal for me - heck yeah they have.

An air-fryer isn't going to make me feel better right now (okay - valid argument - food that's maybe a little better for us and still tastes good - not my point!), and the newest electronics aren't going to fill up my soul - and THAT (in my soul) is where I have all that I need.