I give thanks

Thanksgiving and the holiday season can be a really stressful time for people, which, I think, is the opposite of its intention. We work through thoughts and feelings about seeing family, not having family, being overwhelmed with lots of people, and being alone. In all of that, we can still find things to be grateful for that don't need to be monumental. We can give thanks for the little moments even if the overall holiday isn't great.

I give thanks for this pillow under my head.
I give thanks for funny people on the internet.
I give thanks for my cousin who listens to me.
 I give thanks to my political opposite Aunt and Uncle for showing me I can love them where they're at, and I give thanks for this opportunity to grow and be open-minded.
I give thanks to my feet for getting me where I need to go.
I give thanks for my heart that feels and loves.
I give thanks for this dry turkey.
I give thanks for this gravy.
I give thanks for a day off from work.
I give thanks for this car ride and all its yelling, laughter, singing, and crying.
I give thanks for loving myself.
I give thanks.

I think the more thanks we give, we start to see more to be thankful for.

Won't you join us on the "I give thanks" Thanksgiving wagon this week?