I get out of my own way

Okay, Jill - what does this even mean?!

Great question - and only you know the answer of what this will look like for you! Remember y'all - any answer you need is already within (and we're doing this work so that the answers arise more effortlessly each day).
I promise the effort is worth it.

Also, I'm not that cruel - it is the holidays - so here's a place to start:

Getting out of our own way can look like letting go of our strong held arguments that are actually stagnating us, and we're too proud to see it. 
Getting out of our own way can look like replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, letting go of expectations, and peeling back the layers of fear. 
Getting out of our way can look like feeling our feelings, acknowledging our emotions, and maybe letting them go sooner than we otherwise would have.

We get in our own way when we compare our lives to others, when we rely too heavily on the input of others, and when we are disconnected from ourselves.

An example for me - I was in my own way around meditating. I expected a lot from it, was afraid of choosing the wrong meditation to listen to, didn't think I could sit for that long - whatever it was. I was in my own way, and then ultimately stopped meditating. Yesterday my therapist helped me inquire how I can approach it in a new way. 1. Listen to the same mediation each day, 2. Just show up. It really made me see how I had been in my own way. I was the one stopping myself, I was in the way.

I WAS IN MY OWN WAY. My racing thoughts were dragging me all over the place - my own mind was in my way.

Maybe this week you look at your life from the outside in. Make yourself a third party observer - what do you notice? Where are you in your own way? 

Maybe to get out of our own way we just need to be WITH ourselves.

This week, let's try getting out of our own way. Let's try it on like a festive sweater, sequined pants, or a top hat. Have fun with it. Just try it on, be in the moment, and breathe. OH - and Stick With It!