I embrace the unknown

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that we, generally, like control. We want to, and often feel we need to know the outcome or answers, AND have control every step of the way. We need want to be in charge. Sure, there's a few exceptions, but let's take a look this week  - where can we embrace the unknown? I actually think it'll be fun. A mystery I can't solve - bring it on! When I visualize this it looks like actually embracing the unknown in a hug. Weird? Maybe. Does it make me feel better and allow me to have some fun with it? Heck yeah it does.

This week - let go of control - EMBRACE THE UNKNOWN.
dun dun dun!!!

Let's keep taking action on what feels aligned with our desired outcome. Let's keep creating, and yet, let us embrace the unknown. Let us not attach to the outcome WE want because it may not be the outcome we NEED.
Let's embrace the unknown, and be grateful each step of the way.

Embrace the unknown of showing up to a networking event, a first date, an interview, or a meeting. The unknown of an exercise class, or even whether or not it will rain. The unknown of a new book, a new business, a seasoned business, or your new seasoning combination for dinner. Even the unknown of doing nothing.

When something is unknown, then anything can happen. Let's err on the side of something positive and greater than we could have ever imagined.