I connect with my inner wisdom

Often we search outside of ourselves for the answers - gathering opinions and insight from our people. 

Would you believe me if I told you you had all the answers? Well, certainly we don't have ALL the answers - this is why we need each other, but I'm pointing to the big questions - i.e. who am I, what should I do with my life, should I move across the country, take this job, apply for that job, date this person, break up with that person?

YOU are the only one who has those answers. Asking others and engaging in conversation around our dilemmas certainly gives us an opportunity to think about things in a new way, and consider new possibilities, but ultimately - it's on us. We know what's best for our life - the answers are already within. We've just got to get them to the surface. We've got to connect with our inner wisdom - we are so smart!

Maybe connecting with our inner wisdom looks like taking a walk outside, doing a puzzle, reading a book, seeing a therapist, talking to our pets, talking to ourselves (and going back to that therapist because we are talking to our pets and ourselves), or just sitting quietly absorbing the sounds around us.

This week - connect with your inner wisdom. The answers are there.