I choose my life

We make choices. Every day, multiple times a day. Heck, we like to make our lives complicated, so we throw in multiple choices within a choice.

Whether big choices, or small choices, we are choosing our lives. Choosing the food we eat, what we drink, our activities, our friends, our jobs, our relationships, the words we say, the thoughts we think. All of it. We are choosing our life. 

Are you feeling good? Keep making those choices. If you're not feeling so great - make a new choice. I understand there are circumstances, reasons, and excuses. I know fear can make it's way in, and guilt shows up. Love yourself, choose your life, stay confident in those choices, and the fear subsides.

Do you find yourself choosing the same choice expecting different results? Through experience I can definitively say that when I have made a "radical" choice - a choice outside of my comfort zone, a choice that yesterday I would have made differently - THOSE are the moments my life changes in the direction I want it to go.

This week - pay attention to what you are choosing. How does it feel? Trust your gut. Love yourself. Choose your life.