I choose laughter

Thinking about laughter makes me think of "I love to laugh" from Mary Poppins (see below!). I hope it brings the nostalgia and joy to your Monday that it did to mine!

Laughing is so fun. I'm all for a pee your pants kind of laughter. Gah - what a great thing the world has given us - that we can give to each other, and ourselves. Not peeing our pants, but enough laughter that we might.

I also laugh a decent amount alone, to myself, and then I laugh more for laughing alone. For example, I'm working on a puzzle - I get a piece, get really excited, throw my hands in the air (and wave them like I just don't care) and then I laugh at how enthusiastic I am about getting a puzzle piece, and then I laugh more for laughing at myself, and honestly, I love it.

Maybe pay more attention this week to scenarios where laughter can be the response rather than annoyance, or anguish. Like, when washing dishes and the water gets everywhere, or sprays you. Laugh. "Ha ha water - you may have won this battle, but you have not won the war!" (and again we are throwing our hands in the air (waving them like we just don't care) in victory because laughter has won).