I believe in myself

I can already hear it - geez Jill, what kinda games are you playing with us?
Last week we were getting out of our own way, and now this week we believe in ourselves? What's the deal?

Well, folks. We're all playing the game of life, and it looks just like the paradox I'm throwing your way. Simple, complex, high, low - it's all there. Also, I just went down a rabbit hole of research on paradox, dichotomy, and Schrödinger's cat. I think paradox suits us best this time.

Okay - back to the affirmation "I believe in myself." 

When we get out of our own way we are more able to see how capable we are, and how life can really work with us, and we can work with life. Believing in ourselves is a necessary brick in laying the groundwork for our life - to support us on the journey - through careers, relationships, various goals, and all that we desire out of life. 

Sometimes we don't believe in ourselves until after we've done the thing we thought we could not do. Can you imagine if believing in ourselves was just part of our DNA, no questions asked, no goal reached to prove us right? We just WERE belief in ourselves?

I believe in myself. I believe in myself that I am able to be kind, when kindness is not my first response. I believe in myself when I give my big presentation at work. I believe in myself when my child asks me the hard questions. I believe in myself that I can take the first step. I believe in myself when no one else does. I believe in myself that I can change my life. I believe in myself when I'm learning a new skill. I believe in myself when I'm letting go of my past.