I am willing to change

If we are desiring change in any way, in any area of our life and we're feeling stagnant, are we wiling to change? What's holding us back?

Are we willing to change our relationship with ourself, our romantic partner, our neighbors, parents, environment (whether physical, Earthly, mental, emotional). What about the people around us, our work, how we spend our money, our perspective, our phones? 

Take stock this week in all the different areas of life that are important to us. Welcome being open to change. Let's allow ourselves the space to be willing to change.

Maybe we're fearful of what our lives would like if the things we wanted to be different really did change. Who would we be then? We're afraid of the unknown and if we can't predict the outcome, we stay where we are. I, myself, can't do it anymore. Maybe you don't want to either. Let's get willing to change. It's vulnerable, and scary, but if we want things to be different we have to take action, and maybe all that looks like is an open-minded approach to being willing. 

Let's be willing to embrace the best version of ourselves. I am willing to change to reach my highest potential.

I am willing to change...