I am resilient

Resilience: able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.
You: resilient.

Life will test us. It has to - how else will we grow? How else will you know that you are capable of handling a lot more than you think?

Through transitions such as job loss, new job responsibilities, general uncertainty, moving across the world (or just down the street), ending a relationship, or whatever it is that's going on for you, is really just showing you how capable you are of handling it. How resilient you are, how ready for the next thing you are, and how capable you are of finding peace in the present. 

We just have to take care of ourselves through patience, compassion, and understanding. A big one for me is also trust. I know that these things must be happening for my highest good. For my best life, and my best interest, though not always easy to remember during the testing times.

I say, go ahead, life - bring it on.