I am prosperous

It can be easy to think we don't have enough, especially when we're comparing our lives to a slew of others, many of whom we don't even know.

Let's shift that this week. I bet you are prosperous in ways you may not have thought about before. Do you have clothes in your closet, shoes on your feet? A way to get where you need to go? A friend to call, or a stranger to exchange a smile with? A wonderful colleague you enjoy working with?

Maybe you want to add on and get specific - I am prosperous in opportunities, in love, in gratitude, in support, in ideas, in abilities, in joy, in laughter. And yeah, let's throw money in there, too! 

When we trust that we will have what we need we can open our eyes, hearts and minds to what we already have, and from there we can recognize our prosperity.

It's okay to be prosperous, and to want that for your life (maybe just mind your intention).

When we have more, we have more to give.