I am present

We're here, yes.
Are we present?

Are we fully focused (thoughts, feelings, attention) on the task at hand, the person we're speaking with, or when we're playing fetch with our pup (or cat?)?

Our minds are always going - thinking about the past, dreaming about the future, generally distracted, and always on our phones. The present, as "they" say, is a gift. The past is gone - bye, Felicia! The future is unknown. So, literally, the present is where it's at!

Can you get present this week?
Maybe in a conversation you look them in the eye, and really be present and tuned in. Maybe you just take a breath when your mind is elsewhere, or you get present by feeling your feet on the ground. MAYBE - you put the phone down for a few hours - okay, fine, an hour. Okay okay - can you give me 15 minutes?

This week - get present. Life is happening NOW.