I am patient

I know we've done this one before, and it really bears repeating. Especially when it comes to things out of our control. Phone updates, waiting to hear from a prospective employer, healing an injury that requires rest, and healing a broken heart that requires time. We have to wait. Time knows what it's doing.

Patient with our pals, and our pets. Patient with the process, and patient with ourselves, and our bodies. Patient with appliances, and electronics - we really do expect so much from them - they better be immediate and accurate, and dry those clothes in less than 20 minutes - we ain't got time for this!  Am I right? Patient with red lights, being on hold, waiting in lines, and the tried and true test of patience: waiting for water to boil. Don't you watch that pot!

How do you wade through being patient? Do you pick up a hobby to offer distraction, a puzzle perhaps, or a walk around the block? For me, it's not been helpful to focus on the situation requiring the patience, as it usually leads to over thinking, and lots of made up stories that have a -99.999% chance of being true.

This week - maybe you repeat "I am patient" over and over and over again to give time and space, the time and space to work its magic?