I am here now

All we have is THIS moment.

How often are our minds elsewhere? How many tasks are we trying to check off the list while we sit and watch our favorite show?

How often is our to-do list running through our head as we read our children a bed time story, or our partner tells us about their day?

How much are we trying to do at once - and where's the joy in all of it? 
I often wonder how we got to a point that we feel this constant need to be doing all the time. Lately, I'm a big fan of being - being still, being aware, and being here, wherever I am, NOW.

We find ourselves worried about the future, or living in the past. There are many poems, songs, books, quotes about being present - being in the now. I think it's not just about being present, but also focusing on the now in terms of what I need in THIS moment.

What do I need RIGHT now?
Right now - I need to breathe
Right now- I need to text my friend I’m thinking about them
Right now- I need to go outside and take a walk
Right now - I need to take this action on my business
Right now - I need to make the phone call I've been dreading

And maybe we add the caveat of being fully present in these moments of now...

I am here now reading 
I am here now in my meditation
I am here now resting and relaxing
I am here now laughing with my children
I am here now with the waves of the ocean 
I am here now listening to my friend
I am here now petting my dog 
I am here now, lost in this song

So, this week, be in each moment. REALLY be there. I am here now.