I am healing

We are healing. Our physical and emotional bodies are healing.

It may not always feel like it when our elbow hurts pumping soap (just me?), but trust that we are healing. It may take more time than we like (shout out to the instant gratification we've been conditioned to expect!), and it may take some effort, maybe a lot of effort, but, we ARE healing, so stick with it.

We have to acknowledge our suffering to help heal it. We've got to look our pain straight on and let it know that we know it's there. So, I say to my elbow - I feel you, I see you, I will take care of you. And then, we stretch.

Physical pains may be "easier" to address, yet we cannot forget our emotional body. Those wounds might go a little deeper, and when we avoid addressing those they tend to fester. 

Who would we be without our stories of pain? If I don't get to be Jill that was made fun of, always felt she was never thin enough, and has these pesky physical pains - who am I then? Who could I be?
To think about that Jill is both exhilarating and daunting.

We cannot be afraid anymore of who we'd be without these stories.

Who would we be, if we let ourselves be, someone we've never been before?

We have to move beyond these stories of pain. We have to work with the pain, understand it, learn, and grow from the pain. Think about arriving at your full potential - how awesome does that feel? (I know, it feels a little scary, too). Life cannot keep waiting. We need you to bring your incredible gifts to the world. 

As we heal, we create space for those around us to heal, and at some point we've reached everyone in the world. We heal for ourselves, and each other.

I am healing.