I am grounded

We focused on " I am grounded" back in June, and it's really present for me today, so maybe it is for you, too!

 It is easy to get caught up in the swirling chaos life can bring ESPECIALLY during this season of the year. Holidays, end of year happenings, reflections, looking ahead. LIFE.

In the midst of whatever is happening we forget to rely on the earth to hold us up, and support us. We forget that she's there to support our balance before, especially during, and after the moments, experiences, and situations that stir us and shake us  - whether positively or negatively.

Not only the earth, but our breath, and ourselves.

When we affirm "I am grounded" we are able to better handle these moments that throw us off. This affirmation helps keep us physically grounded and stable, as well as keep us more emotionally and mentally at ease.

I can get easily excited, and very caught up (usually in stuff that isn't even mine to worry about), but I know that I prefer the feeling of being even-keeled. The highs and lows can be striking, and sometimes even a little scary.

Life wouldn't be life without the moments that shake it up. I've been clumsy lately - dropping things, forgetting things, and have generally just felt a little off. Calm, to me, feels better than chaos. 

Remember this week - you are supported, and held by the earth, yourself, and your breath - through everything. Breathe, pause, and repeat "I am grounded."