I am authentic

Authentic: genuine, real, bona fide.

Let's take on a few inquiries this week. Whether we relate these to work, home, relationships, or just being out in the world. Who is our authentic self, and what does that even mean? For me, what that means is acknowledging my thoughts and feelings as valid, being myself wherever I show up, standing in my truth, and allowing myself to be vulnerable. That is part of my authentic self.

In my authenticity I do not play to the ideals, ideas or opinions of others. Standing in my truth is doing, and saying what feels right to me. Not to acquiesce, not to agree just because they are my boss, and also not to stay quiet when I have something to say. As I continue to work on, and deepen my relationship with myself, I get to know more of my authentic self, and when loving myself is my priority, I can go be that person in the world without fear of repercussion because I love myself first and foremost.

In being authentic we are able to provide support to the authenticity of others, allowing us to hold each other up as we lay the foundations for our lives.

It is in our authenticity that we are able to truly connect with others to build something greater than ourselves.

This week - don't be afraid to be authentic. It can be freeing, and welcoming of so many amazing things.