Happy Holidays!

The holidays can feel great, and sometimes sad, and sometimes both in a single moment. Some of us love our families, and some, not so much. Again, both of those emotions in the same interaction - life just likes to keep us on our toes!

I do hope you've taken to heart these affirmations over the last year because I know they have prepared me for the moments: happy, sad, exciting, frustrating, relaxing, overwhelming, and so on...

I am grateful for you this holiday season. I love you. I do. You've let me into your inbox, hearts, and minds. I hope I have made you think, and feel, and have given you space to grow. I am happy when I think of you and all the different lives your living. I explode with joy when you let me know how you're doing, and if one of the affirmations really spoke to you. 

Thank you - from the depths of my heart.

I am wishing you a holiday of love, joy, and lots of laughter. If you need to hear a good joke, or need someone to just listen (because let's be honest, I'm a terrible joke teller) - give me a call, I'm around. (for real - if you need a friendly phone call this holiday season, please reach out - 512.766.5031)

All my love to you and yours today, tomorrow, and through the new year.