Connection, Faith & Fear

I believe the desire for human connection is innate, and if we work to push aside the societally driven, culturally manipulated “things” that get in the way of connecting, we are on our way to living an authentic, and purposeful life.  Being an open book, sharing my journey, sometimes whether or not you asked, and sometimes a little TMI, has proven time and again that we are such similar creatures and have so much to offer each other. Through connection, we not only discover the lives and journeys of others, we also learn a lot about ourselves.

At one of our markets I had a great conversation with a customer, and she shared with me some of the challenges she had faced over the last year. She told me that every day when she woke up she had a decision to make - to live in faith, or live in fear. My heart jumped. What a simple, yet powerful way to approach life. I thought I had been living in faith, but was I? Was I subconsciously living in faith, or fear? Was I even the one doing the choosing? I had never woken up and intentionally given myself the option to choose faith or to choose fear, I suppose I had let them choose me.

I have certainly had my moments, and sometimes 24 hours, of living in fear in which I am paralyzed, and therefore lack direction, and action. In those days I forgive myself, I acknowledge and thank fear for letting me know something I didn’t know before, and I work to find my way back to faith.

Today is the first day since that conversation I am very consciously making this choice to live in faith.  And without this woman, who shared with me her very personal story, I wouldn’t be able to share mine with you. Without connecting with her, I wouldn’t be able to live this day in faith, in trusting the process, and in knowing that my life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to.

Say it with me (out loud) - I am worthy, I love myself, and I choose faith.