I believe...

This week - let's find our way back to believing in the good stuff. Think about when we were kids - we believed in fairies, and magic, and fun! We played games, played outside, used our imaginations, and laughed until we peed our pants. I hope most of us still do (maybe not the pee part, but I do love a good laugh!). I know that is not always the case when we hit adulthood - for whatever reason, our whimsy starts to disappear.

There are realities of this world that can be hard to face, and circumstances we let take control. BUT, what if we started to believe again, or believe in a new way about things we've lost our belief in?

I believe...
in love
in miracles
in trust
in being silly
I am worthy
I can do this
in something bigger than myself
people are good
I am on my path
in good intentions
in laughter
communication is vital
in magic
in kindness
in humanity

Is there something you've lost belief in that you want to believe in again, or maybe in a new or different way? Or even something you want to amplify and garner a deeper belief in?

Practice that this week wherever and whenever you can - wherever and whenever it shows up. Believe.

 "Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing." - The Santa Clause

I believe...