2018 Affirmed & Welcome 2019

Wow - it's 2019 tomorrow. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I mean, I get how time, and the calendar works, but wow.

We learned some things in 2018 that will come with us into the new year, and there are also some things we are going to leave behind.

I do hope that what stays with us is all the work we've done on our relationship with ourselves. All the affirmations we focused on, wrote, lived, and forgot about. All the moments we learned from, and all the self-love we experienced.

That's the good stuff that sets us up for living presently in 2019. We've been building a foundation for our life, brick by brick, with a full tool box in tow.

Something fun I'm going to do in 2019 that I've seen on the internets is to write down all the good things that happen each day and put them in a jar, or bowl, or whatever works, to read out on December 31, 2019. Admittedly I forget a lot of what's happened, and sometimes the bad things are what really stands out. I bet there's a lot of good if we look for it.

Thank you for sharing this journey.

Happy New Year!