I embrace the unknown

Let's keep taking action on what feels aligned with our desired outcome. Let's keep creating, and yet, let us embrace the unknown. Let us not attach to the outcome WE want because it may not be the outcome we NEED.
Let's embrace the unknown, and be grateful each step of the way.

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I take action

Taking action is going to look and feel different for every person, and every situation, as we have diverse desires for our lives. As we continue to deepen our relationship with ourself, we'll know without a doubt what action will be right for us. Maybe that's where we start the inquiry - what's the desired outcome?

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2018 Affirmed & Welcome 2019

We learned some things in 2018 that will come with us into the new year, and there are also some things we are going to leave behind.

I do hope that what stays with us is all the work we've done on our relationship with ourselves. All the affirmations we focused on, wrote, lived, and forgot about. All the moments we learned from, and all the self-love we experienced.

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I am grounded

 It is easy to get caught up in the swirling chaos life can bring ESPECIALLY during this season of the year. Holidays, end of year happenings, reflections, looking ahead. LIFE.

In the midst of whatever is happening we forget to rely on the earth to hold us up, and support us. We forget that she's there to support our balance before, especially during, and after the moments, experiences, and situations that stir us and shake us  - whether positively or negatively.

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I choose my life

Whether big choices, or small choices, we are choosing our lives. Choosing the food we eat, what we drink, our activities, our friends, our jobs, our relationships, the words we say, the thoughts we think. All of it. We are choosing our life. 

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